Pedagogical Approach

Children need children - parents need "Edgar Berlin"

Children want to laugh, romp, sing, dance and learn in a playful and inspiring way in an atmosphere suitable for children. Conceived according to the basic principles of the Berlin educational system, "Edgar Berlin" makes it its business to meet the demand for liveliness and joy of life of each child individually.

Children should be able to grow up in a friendly atmosphere and look optimistically into their future. Based on the unity of the three dimensions of care, education and upbringing, the "Edgar Berlin" daycare centre makes a complementary contribution to this and promotes the development of its care takers step by step by means of qualitative and practical training.

Our pedagogical goals are self-determination, solidarity and competence. We see the children's independence as the goal of our pedagogical endeavours. In the process of pedagogical work, this means enabling the children's self-activation in learning processes. The children play an active role in shaping their situation in the daycare centre.